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Welcome to the Big League of Oversize Shipments!

Shipping oversize cargo is risky, heavily regulated, very detail extensive, takes lengthy planning, execution and the cost will depend on the type and actual size of the freight being transported. They are called “oversize”, or “over-dimensional” or others may call them “out-of-gauge” freight. So what is considered oversize? Well, it's basically any cargo that doesn't fit inside a regular sized 53’ enclosed trailer or a 40’ container if for ocean moves. Some machinery and equipment are just too wide, too tall or too long to fit the standard specifications for a container service. In general, the max legal height in most states is 13'6″, but when you account the flatbed deck height of 5′ you

The freight broker that keeps you truckin

One of the most important questions many manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, exporters have is “How and who do I use so that can I make sure to have my shipments moving, delivered on time and within my budget? Do I go direct with a Carrier or a Broker? Who is more effective? The logical choice may be to go with a carrier who has a preferred choice of lanes and services (TL or LTL, Reefer, Dry loads, etc. It is rare they would deviate from such modus operandi. It is just the way it is…unless of course…they too are re-brokering those loads. However, there will be more oftentimes than not that they will not be able to accommodate your requests or multitude of service requireme

U.S. - Mexico Cross-Border Transport

Integrated third-party logistics solutions, expanded and improved intermodal service offerings, and creative collaborations to optimize transport resources are making cross-border shipping easier than ever. Rising wages in China, long transit times across the Pacific, and fluctuating gas prices are fueling a nearshoring trend among manufacturers serving the North American market, and Mexico is reaping the benefits. Companies are pouring billions of dollars into new production capacity—so much so that by 2019 the country could surpass China as the Unite d States' top trading partner, according to Mexico outsourcing solutions provider The Offshore Group. Mexico has transitioned from a simple a

Transportation is an important component of the economy.

Transportation is an important component of the Canadian economy because it provides jobs, moves goods and connects people within Canada and around the world. The transportation and logistics sector is itself a critical part of Canada’s economic base, accounting for nearly $66 billion in gross domestic product, representing more than 4% of Canada’s total gross domestic product, and employing more than 860,000 Canadians in 2013. Additionally, the transportation system moves more than $1 trillion worth of goods each year; its efficiency is an important competitive factor across the economy. There has recently been a pronounced change in Canada’s trade profile, with implications for transportat

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